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Cargo Tricycle Price in Nigeria

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Over the past decade, tricycles have become a popular means of transport in Nigeria, with a notable rise in the use of cargo tricycles. These specialized tricycles, designed for transporting goods, come in various models and brands. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the prices of cargo tricycles in Nigeria, highlighting popular brands and models. Additionally, we’ll provide essential tips to consider before making a purchase, ensuring you make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

Cargo Tricycle Prices in Nigeria:

Brand New Kary-Go Cargo 2018 Red – From N1,450,000 Starting our list is the Kary-Go Cargo, a reliable 2018 model known for its efficiency in transporting goods. Priced at N1,450,000, it offers a robust solution for commercial purposes.

200 CC Manual Cargo Tricycle 2019 model (Brand new) – From N1 million For those seeking a more affordable option, the 2019 model with a 200 CC manual transmission is available at N1 million, providing a cost-effective yet efficient solution.

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Improved Bazuki Farm Tricycle Cart (2020 Model | Basco Brand) – From N1.4 million The Bazuki Farm Tricycle, a 2020 model under the Basco brand, is designed for versatility. With a price tag of N1.4 million, it offers enhanced features for various applications.

Brand New Open Roof Cargo Tricycle with fan system and air coolant (Brand new) – From N1 million Combining functionality with comfort, the open roof cargo tricycle, equipped with a fan system and air coolant, is priced at N1 million, making it an attractive option for diverse purposes.

New Piaggio Cargo Tricycle 2020 model 200 CC Manual Transmission – From N1.2 million The Piaggio Cargo Tricycle, a 2020 model with a 200 CC manual transmission, is available at N1.2 million. Its reliable design ensures efficient transportation of goods.

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Bajaj 2017 Cargo Tricycle 2017 model – From N1 million With a price tag of N1 million, the Bajaj 2017 Cargo Tricycle, a 2017 model, stands out as a cost-effective option for businesses involved in logistics and distribution.

Note: Prices may vary based on location and vendor.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Cargo Tricycle:

1. Purpose: Clearly define the intended use of the cargo tricycle. Whether it’s for delivery, recycling collection, product distribution, or food vending, the purpose will guide your choice of design and size.

2. Manual or Automatic:

Consider your driving skills and preferences. Automatic tricycles are suitable for those uncomfortable with manual transmission, especially in densely populated areas where ease of use is essential.

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3. Brand New or Nigerian-Used:

While brand-new tricycles offer reliability and come with warranties, Nigerian-used options can be more budget-friendly. Factors affecting used tricycle prices include the vendor, current condition, transmission type, cargo capacity, and location.

4. Trusted Dealers and Inspection:

Purchase from reputable dealers and bring along an experienced mechanic to inspect the tricycle thoroughly. Ensure you obtain the tricycle’s history and ask questions before finalizing the purchase.


Navigating the cargo tricycle market in Nigeria requires careful consideration of your specific needs and budget. Armed with information about prices, popular brands, and essential buying tips, you can make a well-informed decision. Whether you opt for a brand-new model or a Nigerian-used tricycle, prioritizing reliability and functionality is key to a successful purchase.

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