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Eyelet Machine Prices in Nigeria

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Eyelets, those small but essential components in fabric assembly, play a crucial role in protecting textiles from tearing, especially around areas where thongs, fasteners, or cords are inserted. If you’re considering investing in an eyelet machine in Nigeria, it’s vital to be informed about the latest prices to aid in your decision-making process. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of various eyelet machines available in the market along with their prices as of February 28, 2023.

Eyelet Machine Prices in Nigeria:

  1. 100 Pairs Metal Grommets Eyelet With Washers 8 X 4mm: ₦3,162 – ₦4,290
  2. 11 Pcs Round Hole Punch Set: ₦11,361 – ₦21,014
  3. 2 – 10mm 1 set Press Punch Machine 3 Die Eyelet Hand Tool: ₦29,802 – ₦51,383
  4. 3-in-1 Leather Belt Hole Punch, Heavy Duty Punches, Eyelet Pliers, Snap Pliers, Snap Button Grommet Setter Tool Kit: ₦6,900 – ₦15,000
  5. 400Pcs 3/16 Inch Metal Grommets Kit, 1Pcs Eyelet Hole Punch: ₦15,655 – ₦29,902
  6. Leather Belt Hole Puncher+ Eyelet Plier +Snap Button Grommet Setter Tool Kit: ₦7,500 – ₦30,000
  7. Grommet Tool Kit Grommet Press Punch Kits Grommet Machine Pliers Handheld Eyelet Kit For Tarp Fabric Leather Shoes: ₦55,388 – ₦95,498
  8. Pink Hand Press Machine For Eyelet Grommet Dies Or Double Cap Rivets Snap-ons Dies Mold Tool Craft Diy Supplies: ₦100,777 – ₦173,755
  9. Pro-Tek Eyelet Grommet Pliers, Steel Hole Punch Eyelet Setter Kit: ₦4,800 – ₦15,000
  10. Snaps and Fasteners Kit, 200Sets Rivets, 140 Eyelets and Grommets, 40 Snap Buttons, 20 Screws, Setting Tool for Leather: ₦15,432 – ₦36,504
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Functions of Eyelet Machines:

Eyelet machines are versatile pieces of equipment indispensable in interior decoration and advertising. These machines offer exceptional precision and efficiency in creating eyelets in various materials, including tarpaulins, decoration fabrics, curtains, product packaging, sails, tents, nets, and more. While it’s possible to make holes in these materials without eyelet machines, the specialized equipment provides a level of precision and efficiency that sets it apart.

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Modern eyelet machines come with advanced features such as electric control panels, pressure adjustment systems, and the ability to detect foreign objects. This not only ensures precise results but also makes the production process more comfortable and rapid. Moreover, their portability allows users to work in different locations seamlessly.


As you explore the market for eyelet machines in Nigeria, keeping track of the latest prices is essential for effective planning. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the prices of various eyelet machines and highlights their versatile functions. Whether you’re involved in advertising, interior decoration, or other creative pursuits, investing in a quality eyelet machine can significantly enhance your production process. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on your location and the vendor, and market fluctuations can impact the costs. Stay updated for the latest prices and make an informed decision when choosing the right eyelet machine for your needs.

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