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Toyota Corolla 2005 Price in Nigeria

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Are you a fan of compact high-performance sedans? If so, the Toyota Corolla 2005 might just capture your heart. As one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, Toyota has consistently delivered reliable and popular vehicles, with the Corolla standing out as one of its top-selling models. With over two decades on the market, the Toyota Corolla has become a staple on Nigerian roads, ranking as the second-most-popular car in the country.

If you’re considering the Toyota Corolla 2005, knowing its price can help you make an informed decision. We’ve conducted a market survey to provide you with the current prices for new, tokunbo (foreign-used), and Nigerian-used versions of the Toyota Corolla 2005:

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New Toyota Corolla 2005:

  • CE Model: From N5.5 million
  • S Model: From N5.8 million
  • LE Model: From N5.85 million
  • XRS Model: From N6.4 million

Tokunbo (Foreign-Used) Toyota Corolla 2005:

  • CE Model: From N2.2 million
  • S Model: From N2.3 million
  • LE Model: From N2.35 million
  • XRS Model: From N2.5 million

Nigerian-Used Toyota Corolla 2005:

  • Prices vary based on the car’s condition, starting at N2.2 million.
  • We recommend budgeting between N2.5 million and N2.8 million for a Nigerian-used Corolla 2005.
  • Always bring a professional mechanic when purchasing a Nigerian-used vehicle to assess its condition.
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Specifications Overview:

Understanding the specifications of the Toyota Corolla 2005 is crucial in making an informed purchase. Here are the key specifications for different models and trims:

Toyota Corolla CE 2005:

  • Interior dimensions, seating capacity, and luggage space.
  • Exterior dimensions and weight.
  • Fuel tank capacity and EPA mileage estimates.
  • Performance details, including engine size, horsepower, torque, and towing capacity.

Toyota Corolla S 2005:

  • Similar specifications as the CE model with slight variations in weight and ground clearance.

Toyota Corolla LE 2005:

  • Specifications comparable to the CE and S models, maintaining the reliable performance and fuel efficiency.
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Toyota Corolla XRS 2005:

  • Enhanced performance with a more powerful engine, increased horsepower, and distinct design elements.


The Toyota Corolla 2005 continues to be a sought-after choice for those seeking an affordable, reliable, and fuel-efficient vehicle in Nigeria. Whether you opt for a new, tokunbo, or Nigerian-used model, the Corolla 2005’s timeless appeal and enduring popularity make it a standout choice on the road. Explore the specifications, consider the prices, and make your decision to drive home a piece of automotive excellence.

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