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Toyota Highlander 2020 Price in Nigeria

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When it comes to automobiles in Nigeria, the name Toyota resonates strongly, especially with its versatile range of vehicles dominating the roads. Among these, the Toyota Highlander stands out as a mid-size SUV, catering to both individual and family needs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the Toyota Highlander 2020, exploring its current prices in Nigeria, key features, and compelling reasons why it’s a top choice for car enthusiasts.

Toyota Highlander 2020 Price in Nigeria: 

Before diving into the specifics, understanding the cost of a vehicle is crucial for prospective buyers. Toyota, known for its affordability, maintains this reputation with the Highlander 2020, offering competitive prices within its class.

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Toyota Highlander 2020 (Tokunbo): From N43 million

Tokunbo cars, essentially foreign-used, are priced slightly higher due to their imported status. While it’s challenging to find a brand-new 2020 Highlander globally, opting for a Tokunbo version remains a practical alternative.

Toyota Highlander 2020 (Nigerian-used): From N25 million

For those on a tighter budget, Nigerian-used Highlanders present a viable option. These vehicles, graded like their foreign counterparts, offer a range of choices to suit diverse preferences and financial capabilities.

Why Choose the Toyota Highlander 2020?

  1. Complete Redesign: The 2020 Highlander marks the initiation of its fourth generation, boasting a complete redesign. Toyota has refreshed both the exterior and interior, presenting a more modern and attractive SUV. For enthusiasts of contemporary design, the Highlander 2020 is a compelling choice.
  2. More Seats, More Comfort: Unlike its predecessors, the 2020 Highlander accommodates eight passengers, making it an ideal option for larger families. The added cabin space ensures first-class comfort for all occupants, enhancing the SUV’s family-friendly appeal.
  3. Hybrid Options for Environmental Consciousness: The 2020 Highlander offers hybrid powertrains across all trims, providing environmentally-friendly alternatives with impressive performance. With up to 243 horsepower, the hybrid options cater to those seeking both efficiency and power.
  4. Comprehensive Driver-Assist Technologies: Safety takes center stage in the 2020 Highlander, featuring a robust suite of driver-assist technologies. From lane-departure alert to full-speed radar cruise control, Toyota prioritizes safety across all trims. Other notable features include adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and a surround-view parking camera system.
  5. Additional Safety Features: Beyond driver-assist technologies, the 2020 Highlander boasts essential safety features like ABS, electronic stability control, and traction control. These elements collectively contribute to a secure driving experience for you and your family.
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the Toyota Highlander 2020 stands as a testament to Toyota’s commitment to innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction. With its competitive pricing, family-friendly design, and a myriad of advanced features, it continues to be a sought-after SUV in Nigeria. Whether you opt for a Tokunbo or Nigerian-used variant, the 2020 Highlander offers a reliable and stylish driving experience.

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